Local To Golborne and Lowton Area
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Local To Golborne and Lowton Area
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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Fantastic Color Night And Day Cameras

Fantastic Images

We are local CCTV Installers and have been installing CCTV for over 20 years now installing all around the North West. We mainly use Hik Vision as they are very reliable and all installs come with 3 year guarantee. Intruder alerts go straight to your phone and you can pick out faces and car regs with the color at night. We install locally in Golborne, Lowton, Croft, Culcheth, Wigan, Leigh. All with 3 year guarantees and free yearly service. We also give a FREE service every year.

These Hik Vision ColorVu systems are the best around that’s why there’s a 3 year guarantee. They very rarely go wrong, great on your TV and Phone. Dont waste money on cheap systems get the best. If there are any problems as we are local cctv installers we will exchange any faulty equipment free of charge thats what the 3 year guarantee is for.

Boosting security with leading-edge technology

The cameras with ColorVu can also integrate Hikvision AcuSense technology to distinguish between people, vehicles, and other moving targets such as rain, leaves and animals. Alarms are only triggered when preset intrusion types are detected, allowing security teams to take action.

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Amazing Colour From These ColorVu Cameras

Watch The Video Notice The Color Between Night And Day

High-resolution, full color images can greatly enhance security at building entrances, which are sometimes unlit, or dimly lit. Even though cameras with ColorVu can record footage in extremely low light conditions, teams often choose to turn on the cameras’ supplementary light as an additional deterrent to a break in or other security incident. 

Add Your CCTV System To Your Home Automation System

Why not add your cctv system to your Home Automation System, imagine the door camera coming up on your tv when the door bell is pressed. You can see all your CCTV images on your tv and playback using your Elan Control System Amazing technology.

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These systems come with a 3 year guarantee, they are the best systems around for reliability fantastic security for you and instant notifications to your phone. You can also add your images to your Cinema Room of your Home Automation Project.