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Local To Golborne and Lowton Area
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Electric Car Charger Installations

Getting The Right Charger For Your Electric Car, Local Installers

Electric Car Charging Installations

Charging an electric car is really a simple process: you plug your car into a charger that is connected to the electrical circuit on your CONSUMER UNIT. However, not all EV charging stations are created equal. Some can be installed by plugging them into a standard wall outlet, while others require a custom installation by an approved Electrician like ourselves. Electric Car Charging Points comes with Installation and Test Certificates and we will advise you on the correct charger and the correct circuit for that charger.


QUBEV CHARGING POINT Most Popular And Affordable

The QUBEV provides a simple, affordable and discreet electric vehicle charging solution. Designed and manufactured in the UK, and born from customer feedback. The QUBEV offers full Mode 3 fast charging for all Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, and a variable amperage selector to allow the customer the choice of 4 charge ratings.

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