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Local To Golborne and Lowton Area
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Home Automation Installers

Home Automation Installers Visit DEMO HOUSE Were Not Salesmen

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    Were not Salesmen we are professional Electricians we can do all your project. we can install you an Elan Control System To Control Your House, Full House Home Automation And Electrical Services, Rako Lighting, Movie Rooms Whole House Audio, Intercom Systems, Cctv
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We go the extra mile on every project. The value we provide clients comes from our level of skill and performance, as well as our knowledge and professionalism. Rest assured, we put the same level of energy into every project we take on.

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  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Multi Room Audio and Video
  • Rako Scene Control
  • Cat 6 Installs
  • Elan Touchscreens
  • Voice Control
  • Intercoms
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Visit our Demo House, Movie Rooms, Whole House Audio And Video, Rako Lighting, Electric Blinds, Heating Control CCTV Systems and much more
Elan Control Systems

Top Home Automation Control System Voted Best Home Automation Control. Visit the Demo House and take the controls.

Rako Lighting System

Fantastic Rako Lighting System Mood Lighting All Over The House. Lights come on automatically when an Intruder about.

Movie Rooms

Fantastic Surround Sound Movie Rooms. Watch all your sources Sky, Rako, Apple TV, Firestick on in every room in your house.

Hik Vision CCTV

CCTV on every tv in the house, colour night and day. When a Intruder is about the TV switches to the Camera.

Some Event Maps Programmed In To Your Home Automation System

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